Every enhancement below is available a la carte, and can be totally customized to fit your wedding, theme, and budget.  You can easily transform any venue from basic & boring to fun and lively with the right amount of event lighting. Don’t see what you imagined below? Let us know. We probably still can make it happen. Take a minute to look through our enhancements and decide on what works best for your special day. 

Custom Monogram (custom gobo) 

The custom monogram (or gobo) is a great way of adding your own personal touch to the wedding. The gobo itself is a small metal or glass object that slides into the Gobo Projector.  You can completely customize the gobo with any text or design you choose.  We will have it manufactured to your custom design.   You can project the custom monogram on the dance floor or on a wall at your wedding. This is a very popular type of wedding lighting because of how great it looks in wedding photos.   We give you the gobo at the end of the event to keep and cherish.  Perhaps use it for that 10-year or 25-year anniversary!

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